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The internet has become a growth opportunity for numerous business. But it’s the search engines which play a huge part in this – hence why certain search engine companies have become so huge and cash rich! You’ll hear many companies who claim to get you to the top of the search listing using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technology. However, the problem comes when Google gets wise to the loopholes and shuts the door to reduce low quality listings. (the recent Google Penguin update has had a dramatic effect for some companies). The only long term solution to ensure high, long term listings is to write relevant content, use social media sites and get quality links to your site.

So how can you differentiate your family mediation service from other services? Getting to the top 10 in Googles’ listings is one way. Another way is to demonstrate that you provide a quality service, getting feedback from your clients that you provide a quality mediation service. This is where findmediation.co.uk comes in – #recommendfamilymediation.

Findmediation.co.uk is a free family mediation search tool, which lists mediation services in the  UK linked to the FMA, Resolution, ADR, the College of mediators and NFM. We’ve now added a new feature which enables client or referring solicitor recommendations to be added for each to the site.

We’ve developed a small piece of code, when added to a mediation service website, display’s a button inviting them to click on the link to add a recommendation for the mediation service.

Findmediation.co.uk has been designed to be ‘SEO friendly’. This means that Google searches all the information for each mediation service, looks for other sites linked from/to it and then indexes the information into it’s huge databases . Therefore by making quality links between mediation service sites and findmediation.co.uk will help to raise each mediation service profile.

The aim of findmediation.co.uk is to help people looking for family mediation to find the most suitable local mediation service to help them through the difficult process of separation.

For more information about findmediation.co.uk use the contact us form http://www.findmediation.co.uk/contact.php

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