Two years after it was launched, Findmediation gets a new engine…

FM-Header-V2Two years after it was first launched, FindMediation gets a new engine under the bonnet. From the outside there are few cosmetic changes, however there are some significant changes under the bonnet.

New features…

Over the past two years, 1000’s of searches have been run on the site. We decided it was time to improve the user experience and enhance the search results. Essentially we’ve introduced four main features into the new release:

1) New optimisation

This will help search engines clearly identify each of the components of a listing. Essentially there are a number of key components, such as the address, telephone number, etc. These need to be easily identified by search engines to match the terms people are searching for. So we’ve redesigned how the information is structure to be cleaner and easier to read.

2) Postcode searching

We noticed in version 1, that people were typing in their postcode instead of the name of the mediation service. The development team came up with the idea of providing a search either for the name of the service OR a postcode, without needing another entry box.

3) Distance from postcode to each mediation service

Not content with just providing a postcode search facility, the team came up with the idea of displaying the distance of each service from the postcode. This is helped by some really clever code in the background which calculates all the distances in the blink of an eye!

4) Priority listing for mediation services with Recommendations

We know that stress levels are high for people going through separation. Therefore putting trust in a particular mediation service is essential. As a result, we’ve decided to prioritise family mediation services which have recommendations to the top of the list and highlight them.

List for Family Mediation North East Recommendations – rather than ratings – work on the principle that if people find a service helpful (especially in times of high stress)  they will want to tell others how good it is. Alongside each mediation service listing, is a hyperlink which enables people to recommend the service and write about it. We require a number of information fields to be entered, to ensure it is genuine rather than an automated submission. The contact details are not displayed with the recommendations after they have been authenticated.

After submission, we perform validation checks before authorising it to become live on the site. This is a precaution to prevent unnecessary comments being listed which are unhelpful or fabricated.

In summary…

We believe that the new features in Findmediation Version2 make a huge difference to those using the site, and will act as a real tool directing people to local family mediation services.

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