How to – recommend a family mediation service

Last week saw the launch of our latest feature on – add recommendations. This ‘How to’ blog details the 3 easy stages for adding recommendations.

Every mediation service on our database can be linked to by a unique reference (url) or  direct button. The button can be placed on a mediation service website simply by adding the code to a webpage.

The code is intelligent enough to determine the number of existing recommendations and displays an appropriate message.

For our example we will use Family Mediation @ David Gray LLP.

1) A client is sent an customer satisfaction email, containing the URL for the service and asked to complete if they are happy with the service:—david-gray-llp/

[Alternatively the code could be added to the David Gray website to show the button.]

2) Clicking the link will take the client to the unique mediation service page. The client then clicks on  ‘Share your comments and Recommend this service today’, and the entry form is displayed:

The form requires all fields to be completed – name, valid email address, comments field, then a simple ‘anti spam’ question.

On clicking ‘Recommend’ the information is submitted.




3) The system then sends us email notification detailing the recommendation which must be approved before going live on the website. If the content is not offensive we will then accept the recommendation. That’s the process complete. Now to show the recommendation.

Once approved, the number of recommendations for the service are shown under the logo. The example below shows a listing of mediation services in Newcastle upon Tyne:










By clicking on the service in the listing for more details, the submitted comments with the recommendation can be read.








 Mediation service – direct button code

The code required for adding the button for a mediation service can be found on the service page using the ‘promote yourself‘ link (see on screenshot above). Copy and paste either the large or small button code and add it to your website.

Need help adding the button to your website? Please contact us via the contact us page.

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